Artisans in Quality, also in Hospitality

29 September 2013

When talking about products, the difference between industrial and artisan is clear to all, but perhaps it is less clear when talking about the tourism sector. The hotel industry claims to offer a high level product, but often achieves only an standardized product that amazes with ‘special effects’ but that inevitably lacks attention to individual needs and a direct rapport between the entire structure and guests.

to provide top quality service

Offering high quality service with artisan care to details and to individual needs is what we do everyday, driven by the desire to please and by genuine consideration for the tourist as a person, and genuine care for the guest as a human being.

We have chosen to be a small hotel with a limited number of guests (only 4 rooms and 4 suites) to give everyone their privacy, silence and a superior quality service. Each room boasts different characteristics, but it’s the people you meet, with their smiles and their attentions, that make the difference.

Details about our rooms and the whole structure are illustrated throughout our website, but on this page, we would like to show the real heart of Lonno Lodge. Kenya boasts a naturalistic heritage and culture that is indeed among the richest in the world, but the greatest richness of this land is the population’s hospitality.

We wanted to highlight this fact.

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