Flights to Kenya

Lonno Lodge 9

Well, obviously there are no direct flights to Watamu, the 2 closest airports are Malindi and Mombasa. All the international flights from Europe land into Nairobi (and then from Nairobi you can fly down to Malindi or to Mombasa with a local flight) or directly in Mombasa.

We can then arrange the transfer to/from these two airports to the Lodge You should plan 25min. drive from Malindi to the Lodge and 2 hours drive from Mombasa to the Lodge.

Flying directly to Mombasa:

  • From England:
    you can fly with ThomsonFly that has weekly flights from London Gatwick to Mombasa.
  • From Germany:
    Condor flies 2/3 times a week from Franfurt to Mombasa, with several good connection with other European cities (Oslo, Stockholm, Brussels, Barcelona, Kopenhagen, Paris to name a few, see their web site for the full list). AirBerlin too has direct flights from Munich and Dusseldorf to Mombasa, with connection from several other cities.
  • From Belgium:
    JetAirFly has a weekly flight from Brussels to Mombasa.
  • From Italy:
    direct flights to Mombasa from Milan, Rome, Bologna and Verona with AirItaly, Eurofly, Neos and Livingston, a good starting point for scheduling and pricing is the Condor web site. (pls. see our italian page)
  • From Switzerland:
    has a weekly flight from Zurich to Mombasa, it’s every Sunday, with great connections from/to many european cities. It is a code-sharing operated by EdelweissAir.
  • Ethiopian Airlines hasĀ  direct flight from Addis Ababa to Mombasa 3 times a week. From Europe it’s not really a direct flight, but Ethiopian has good connections with several European cities, see their web sites for details, and you’ll be landing in Mombasa flying with a single airline.

Flying to Nairobi:

If you opt for a flight to Nairobi, or if you have no other choice, the list of Airlines flying into Nairobi is pretty long, and each one has connections inside its own network with cities to leave from:

Flying from Nairobi to Malindi or Mombasa:

  • Fly540 has direct flights from Nairobi to Malindi 3 times a day (as well as several flights from Nairobi to Mombasa)
  • Kenya Airways operates regular fllights from Nairobi to Mombasa several times a day
  • also AirKenya has regular flights from Nairobi to Malindi (and Mombasa too), you only have to change airport since it operates from the Wilson Airport.