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Watamu Beach. A Superlative Synthesis of Kenya’s Coast

Kenya’s 434 km of coastline is a continuous metamorphosis of scenery. Long, white sand beaches are interrupted by inlets which give rise to immense expanses of mangroves, low cliffs, bays, small archepelagos and deep inlets. Every tourist town in Kenya is characterised by one of these landscapes, not just Watamu with its 15 km of […]

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Sea Turtle Watch Watamu

Watamu is a small village but nationally important nesting population of sea turtles, with an average of 40 nests in year and over in the Watamu/Malindi Marine Parks and Reserves. Watamu Turtle Watch (WTW) has a nest protection program, which works in co-operation with local people & Kenya Wildlife Service to protect all nests laid on […]

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