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ContactsContact, Lonno Lodge Hotel: call or email us for any information or special request or if you like to book directly at the best price.

Located on the north coast of Kenya, between Watamu Marine reseve and Malindi Marine Park, the hotel is perfect for your relaxing stay on refined atmosphere.

To book directly or simply to have a quote, in real time and in full autonomy, please visit

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification or information.

You can also find most of the information that concerning Lonno Lodge,  in this page “The Lodge” on this website, while in the “to do and to see“, page you will find information about excursions and local attractions. News of everyday life will find in our “blog & news“.


Lonno Lodge
P.O. Box 672
80202 Watamu
Coast- Kenya

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How can your friends keep in touch with you when you are in Kenya?

In Lonno Lodge, Wi-fi is available everywhere, in the rooms and in all public areas. You can then stay in touch with your friends using your favorite apps.

How difficult or easy is to buy a SIM card in Kenya?

You can get a Safaricom (Vodafone) sim card, and register it in few minutes, for about $2 and then buy airtime as you need it. There is a Safaricom Shop just outside Mombasa airport, but you can buy your sim card also in Watamu.  If your sim is inactive for a few months you have to visit the store to get it activated again.

Do I need to produce any documentation for verification?

Any of the following documents (in original form) shall be required for purposes of verification : original national identity card; or original and valid passport, or a valid driving licence.