The Restaurant

Panoramica Ristorante Buona WEB S1

For your comfort and convenience, there is an excellent restaurant inside the Lodge with international cuisine, paying special attention to local cuisine and personalized menus on simple request. The restaurant is reserved for guests only, allowing us to offer a quiet, peaceful and relaxed environment where every request receives due attention. Every evening, in fact, the following day’s menus, for both lunch and dinner, are made available to our guests who just need to let us know whether they’d like to stop in for lunch and/or dinner. Our cooks prepare dishes to order (we don’t like freezers very much) using fresh ingredients bought that morning at local markets and shops, thus supporting the regional economy. This provides you with the greatest freedom to choose without making advanced reservations obligatory. It is entirely up to you; day by day you can choose the following day’s program based on the weather or any excursions you have planned. In the evening, you are offered the possibility of choosing from these options for the following day:

Dishes proposed during lunch are lighter and “simpler” than those at dinner.

Note: During your stay at Lonno Lodge, it is rare that the same dish will be proposed more than once, it would only occur at your request :-) or in the exceptional event that we don’t have some ingredients. Prices indicated always include water, bread, service and coffee, but do not include alcoholic beverages, see our wine list for prices. If you wish, you may book half or full-board at a special price when making the reservation for your room.

Gluten Free
The small size of our restaurant, and a strict control on food preparation, allow us to cook even gluten-free food as bread, pasta, cookies and muffins. Gluten-free cereals suitable for coeliacs customers. Please notify us that you require gluten free food during the booking process.