The Lodge

A dip in the past

Lonno Lodge

Recently built using old construction techniques to allow our guests to savour times past. It is not made exclusively of tambours and the wild nature of our collective imagination, but also from times when the exchange of goods from Africa’s interior, like gold, ivory and spices, fostered the coast’s expansion, producing a lingua franca, a distinctive culture and a characteristic architectonic style: Swahili.The lodge (21)

Lonno Lodge is a mixture of styles and different shapes, almost as if the different populations also came in waves during the building process, rebuilding it, reorganising it and changing it around; leavingĀ  their various imprints behind.

This design method also required the recovery of materials and techniques which, without the assistance of energy and chemistry, have made the buildings hospitable.

Where would you rather spend your holiday: In the uncertainty and turmoil of modern shapes or soothed by the past?