Watamu what to do and to see

Welcome to Lonno Lodge & Welcome in Watamu.

We will be happy if you decide to stay here at the Lodge Lonno. We would like to tell you that we like to see you all day in the pool or at our restaurant but, in reality, this is not the case. Watamu is a beautiful place, full of things to discover and we think it’s part of our job to help you discover this fishing village, its coast and its sea. There are so many things you can do while in Watamu, that enjoying a relaxing lie- on-the-beach holiday can be difficult! Ask us for more information.

Watamu what to do?

Shopping in Watamu

Watamu Shopping

Small shops made of sheet metal, bearing names that are sometimes knock-offs of famous name brands, manage to get a smile, crammed

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Massaggio S

Relaxing Massage

So, maybe we have suggested to you too many safari and tours? Indulge with a bit of relaxation and enjoy pampering your whole body.

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Lamu 17

Lamu Old Town

Lamu Old Town is the oldest and best- preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, retaining its traditional functions.

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Sea ​​turtle 1

Turtle Watch

Watamu has a small but nationally important nesting population of sea turtles, with an average of 40 nests per year and over in the Watamu/Malindi Marine Parks and Reserves.

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Sabaki River Delta 37

Sabaki River delta

An unusual yet worthy journey, with our Land Rover, off-road to see sand dunes, birds and deserted beaches,  following  the  last  kilometer  that  the Sabaki river travels before pouring its red waters in the Indian Ocean.

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Quad Safari 12

Quad Coast Tour

A fun off-road adventure in complete safety and with experienced guides. The tours last about 3 hours.

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Gedi Panorama From Baobab

Gedi Ruins – Watamu

Gedi is still an unsolved mystery: after much research and various studies, no one can say with certainty what really happened to the village and its inhabitants.

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Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Located less than 5 minutes’ drive from Lonno Lodge it houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa and is open to the public all year round.

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Watamu from the sea

Watamu is still a small fisherman's village. What better perspective than the sea to give us a glimpse of its most authentic side?

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Do Not Do 14

“Do Nothing” Tour

Have you overestimated your own strength? Changing your environment, seeing different places and people, and altering your schedule and diet is not only fulfilling, it is also quite exhausting. So, don't forget to include a place to relax.

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Meeda Creek 11

Mida Creek Lagoon

The lagoon of Mida Creek is located about 15 kilometers off Watamu, and 30 kilometers from Malindi. It is an indentation in the East coast of Kenya, full of natural channels for small boats, crabs, and mangroves: these are the only trees that grow in the sea.

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Kite 2s

Kitesurfing school

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Thrilling experience for water sport lovers.

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Walking In The Riff

Walking in shallow water

During daily low tide, you can simply walk around in shallow water and discover the huge variety of local sea life.

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Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving in warm, tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish?

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Watamu Beach S

High and Low Tide

Your life on the beach in Kenya will be strongly influenced by tides. With an interval of almost six hours, the sea level changes with height differences that may extend beyond 12 ft.

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Watamu what to do – Know its history.

Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve was established in 1968 with Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve. They were established by the Kenyan government. Watamu Marine Park is now part of a UN recognised World Biosphere Reserve

Watamu what to do – Wildlife.

The park’s coral reefs form the physical and biological backbone of the area. With over 150 species of hard and soft corals, such as brain corals, fan corals and sponges, it provides for abundant nutrients for fish. The main park has over 500 species of fish and the reserve over 1000. There are also whale sharks, manta rays, octopus and barracuda as some of the larger species in the park.

Watamu also has different species of turtles and a turtle watch program which has managed to secure the main park’s beach as a 99% viable sea turtle nesting site for endangered sea turtles. This beach is patrolled and monitored vigorously.The turtles nesting in Watamu include the Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles.

Watamu what to do – Move your self in the area.

Moving in Watamu and to the local attractions is really simple. Our minivan (or the Land Rover, in the case of more challenging routes) and our driver are available for our customers. If our vehicles are already busy with other customers, a taxi will be at Lonno Lodge in only 10 minutes. Rates are displayed at the reception.
For small displacements the characteristic and economic Tuk-Tuks are everywhere.
Customers will also enjoy free use of our mountain bikes.
For small tours to Mida Creek is also available our boat