Beach and Tides

13 October 2010

Your life on the beach in Kenya will be strongly influenced by tides.

In fact, with an interval of almost six hours, sea level changes with intervals that may extend beyond 12 ft. At low tide you can take long walks on the sea bed and reach normally submerged islands.

discover-offersAt the reception of the Lodge, a table will show you the timing of the two phases so you can plan your excursions.

In front of Lonno Lodge the low tide creates three small beaches, and you can take a pleasant walk under the cliffs until Papa Remo Beach, and the beginning of the long beach of Ocean Breeze with very little tourists and therefore very little  beach boys.

At high tide the beach is always available above to the cliffs and is equipped with the “think place”. Cozy places where relax your mind accompanied by the sound of waves breaking in the coral reefs.

At high tide there a small boat is also available for day trips to reach Mida Creek from the sea, Watamu, or a simple exploration tour in the fantastic Watamu bay where “mapanghi” alternate with blue and turquoise waters.

For more detailed infos on tide’s effect please visit the appropriate Wikipedia page.

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