Snorkeling & Diving

16 December 2010

Lonno Lodge has the privilege of being in Watamu, on the coast of northern Kenya, where the idyllic Indian Ocean offers warm hospitable waters, teaming with marine life.

Watamu enjoys access to some of the most pristine marine ecosystems. Safe and exciting.

Miles of pristine coral reefs, not only protect white sandy beaches, but provide a habitat for thousands of varieties of marine life that lies beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Often near your dive site you can meet friendly dolphins or the most delicate of the giants, the whale shark, you can see for yourself the magical colors of the reef, and all the fascinating species invertebrates, crustaceans and even meet a sea turtle face to face.

You do not need to go that far to discover this paradise under the sea.

The photos are a courtesy of Jean Paul and Saskia, and we thank them heartily.


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