SOS for a wounded elephant

19 August 2010

Pictures in this page were taken by friends Joannis Natsiopoulos and Daniela. They document an exceptional experience that they lived together during a safari in Taita Hills and Tsavo West.

Joannis and Daniela have been privileged to rescue a wounded elephant. After spotting it during a game drive in Savannah, they advised David, the owner of the Lualenyi Camp, who immediately alerted the organization “The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” and the veterinarians of the KWS. The emotion in their words was really contagious.

“It was an experience that I will carry forever in my heart” tells Joannis “we have seen the shot of anesthetic dart and seen the elephant lie down on the ground. The vet turned the big ear to protect the eye from light, while others constantly bathed the body to lower the temperature; the animal breathed freely through a branch that held the trunk raised.”

“We watched in disbelief the vet extracting a 20cm Kamba Tribe arrow from the big paw of this elephant, while we did what we could in order to save the life of this wonderful mammal, continuously wetting the ears, stroking the skin rough like rock, the tusks, the tail and the smooth trunk. Occasionally there was a startled gasp, but it was difficult for us to break away from this wounded creature. ”

The operation was over, and after giving him a whole bottle of antibiotics, the vet sent us away to inject the antidote.
“I cannot describe the emotion I felt when seeing the 4 or 5 ton elephant to stand up on his feet and stagger away, continuing his life. It ‘was moving.”
Thanks to David of Lualenyi Camp and Dr. Geremiah Poghon the KWS for their work, and Joannis and Daniela who shared with us this adventure of theirs in the African savannah.

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