Escape from the cold winter

30 December 2012

Is the temperature steadily dropping? Is winter in full swing, and spring just around the corner? Why not consider a respite from the cold winter.

Kenya is a perfect country, attractive from July to March, but the best time of year is from January to late March. Tropical beaches save tourists from a cold winter at home, offering warm relaxation under the shining sun while enjoying the beauty of tropical nature sounds and Watamu, the best beach in the Malindi area.

(more info about the Watamu beach)

The coast of Kenya has a tropical climate, and although humidity is high at certain times of the year, soothing sea breezes ensure pleasant and comfortable conditions. Sea conditions are magnificent for swimming as average sea temperatures rarely drop below 26 ° C year-round.

The coast of Kenya is in an ideal location for a relaxing beach holiday. Average temperatures from January to March are between 26 ° C and 32 ° C. In these three months preceding the rainy season (late April until the end of June) you can expect to enjoy hot dry days, ideal for beach or other outdoor activities.

Besides the beach, there are amazing places to take in, even for a half-day: Gede, Mida Creek, Snake Farm and Golden Beach … just to name a few. If, however, your vacation plans, beginning in Watamu, include a genuine safari with one or more nights in the Savannah, Tsavo East National Park is only 2 hours away, then you can count on us to find the best solution to meet your requirements.

If you are among those who’d like to spend their winter vacation somewhere that has a little more sun than at home, we have some great offers for you. Just have a look at this link for special offers.

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