The Constant Gardener

30 December 2013

During the construction of Lonno Lodge, I remember reading the fictional book by John Le Carrè “The Constant Gardener”; of course it wasn’t about gardening: The main characters, Justin, a career diplomat and amateur gardener at the British High Commission in Nairobi and Tessa his activist wife. Tessa was killed while travelling with a doctor friend in a desolate region of northern Kenya. Investigating on his own, Quayle discovers that her murder, reportedly done by her friend, may have had more sinister roots. Royal Palm flowers

It is a very beautiful book, inspired by the controversy in Kano, I encourage you to read it.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about gardens.

One of this enterprising garden’s phrases really hit home: he says that one year of gardening in Kenya gives more satisfaction than ten years of gardening in England because here nature thrives without breaks.

Eight years ago I thought this was an overstatement, but then after living in Kenya, I realised the extraordinary characteristics of this equatorial country’s climate that lives in a constant and continuous spring.

However, living in the same place everyday, you miss the uninterrupted environmental changes that surround you.

This is precisely why I was shocked- when trying to update a few photographs of Lonno Lodge, I realised how different the hotel looks now compared to the Lonno Lodge just four years ago.

Do you think I am exaggerating? See for yourselves. This picture was taken January 10, 2010, a few months after Lonno Lodge opened. The second picture was taken in January 2014, about four years after the first. Isn’t it amazing?

In the slide below you will find some pictures taken in December of 2009, a few months after Lonno Lodge opened, compared with those was taken in December 2013, four years after. Is not it amazing?

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