Resort, Lodge or Boutique Hotel?

18 April 2014

Who are we? Sooner or later we have to ask ourselves this question. We’ve even searched on Wikipedia, but….. šŸ™‚
A wonderful recommendation sent by one of our very kind guests lets us explain what Lonno Lodge is.
This is Keysna’s review (our sincere thanks).

Resort, Lodge, or Boutique Hotel?

Resort Lodge or Boutique hotelIf by a Lodge you mean charming homes nestled in nature, then that is Lonno Lodge: it has only 4 rooms and 4 suites that directly face Watamu’s marine park.

The term Lodge might be deterrent because it recalls the image of accommodations without services, whileĀ there is an array of exclusive services available to you at Lonno Lodge, such as a restaurant, a gorgeousĀ large salt water pool, a small but efficient massage and relaxation area, an excellent bar that is always aware of your every need, a first-rate transfer service and even more.

Can the unconventional environment, bespoke service, personalized assistance, and attention to particular details classify Lonno Lodge amongst boutique hotels? Perhaps!

That probably isn’t so important though, not even to classify it… What is essential to know is that you will feel like you are at home except with a lot more time and attention, and with the services of a 5 star hotel for you alone.

Santa Barbara, California

Thanks again, we would not have been able to explain it better!


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