Gone fishing!

5 October 2015

From November to April, during the monsoon season when the sea is calm and the fishing season is also at its peak, it is the best moment to experience a day of fishing with the fishermen of Watamu.

No engine boats, no deep-sea fishing, only wind, silence and hard work :-). You simply have to show up at the beach around 4pm, when the fishermen are back, and organize for the following day. You’ll have to be around from 5 am to 4 pm because they go out 15-20 kilometers, and it is a 2 or 3 hours travel because of the little wind in the morning. Then they fish for three or so hours, and the moment comes to sail the wind back, for the return trip.

The experience is truly unique, and completely safe. There are always six or ten boats fishing together, always helping each other, and even in case of a broken sail there always another boat to safely take you back to Watamu. On the beach, to sell the catch of the day :-).

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