How to save money on your next flight to Kenya

6 September 2015

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Are you thinking of your next vacation, because the last one is already too far away in memories? This is the right moment to consider Kenya. There are not too many places in the world where you can have a wonderful beach holiday combined with a Safari, or climbing an icy mountain and go deep sea fishing within the same holiday. Sure, Kenya is not “just around the corner” and the flight takes several hours, so you wonder: how can I save some money on the flight, to enjoy more experiences in Kenya?

Book ahead. No, I mean .. book ahead of time, seriously. Ok, everybody knows that an early-bird reservation gives you the best rates, but from now until the Christmas holidays you have plenty of time to take a week off for yourself, and reserving the flight today will let you have rates that, I’m pretty sure, you’ll never find in other periods of the year.

There are several opportunities with different airlines, flying to Nairobi or to Mombasa, and this week I’d like to list you a few examples I found on the Turkish Airlines website for return flights to Mombasa, in October or November:

  • Rome Mombasa round trip from €438*
  • London Mombasa round trip from £377*
  • Paris Mombasa round trip from €478*
  • Stockholm Mombasa round trip from SEK 5,401*
  • Copenhagen Mombasa round trip from DKK 4,401*
  • Madrid Mombasa round trip from €578*
  • Moscow Mombasa round trip from RUB 43,556*
  • New York Mombasa round trip from USD 1,077*
*last checked on September, 4th 2015.


Booking ahead is the very best way to save money on your next flight to Kenya. Book it now. You won’t regret you did it.

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