Walking in the shallow waters

15 May 2015

Sea urchin

Sea urchin

Walking ย in ย shallow water

During daily low tide, you can simply walk around in shallow water and discover the huge variety of local sea life.

Although this occurs at both Malindi and Watamu, walking on the coral reef at Watamu is much nicerย  because there are also small islands/rocks protecting the beaches.

At low tide you can reach the islands on foot and walk around, discovering the marine life that has remained trapped in recesses in the sea floor. You will see an unusual fantastic landscape, sea urchins of different shapes, small colorful fish, and many, variously coloured sea stars.

All these pictures have been shot on walks originating from the Lodge, or during one of the excursions we arrange for our guests with the help of local guides.

Equipment: water shoes, or else you’ll cut your feet on the coral.

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