Water in Kenya

19 February 2015

Water is something really important, and precious, in Africa and clearly water in Kenya is important as well, more than it is in several countries of the so-called western world. When wandering around, by ourselves or taking one or more of our guests for a tour, we very often bump in a hand-made wells serving a local community. These communities are not those in Nairobi, nor Mombasa and not even Malindi or Watamu, but still these small villages are part of the life of several of the kenyans, still today.
And hand-excavated water wells are a common sight, they tend to become the center of  the community too.
Girls, and women, gather together waiting their turn to collect water, and while waiting they chat, laugh, exchange info and news. A sort of bulletin board before internet era!
When we arrived at this place, just to have a look at the well for a couple of minutes, we clearly felt we were disturbing the activities, and even if they kept on chatting and collecting water we heard the conversation to slow down.
The volume raised up again as soon as we left :-).

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