A small step for a lodge, one giant leap for mankind ..

3 February 2016

Ok, maybe a “giant leap for mankind” is a little bit too exaggerated :-), but we’re really proud of our new courtesy kit.

We’ve been able to get rid of disposable plastic bottles in favour of aluminum bottles. And instead of disposable 30ml containers, we switched to recyclable 200ml dispensers and bottles.
No more plastic waste, and surely happier oceans, and dump sites too :-).

But there’s more! We also changed the supplier of shampoo, body lotion, conditioner and soap, selecting kenyan and local organizations. Products made using a range of organic essential oils, steam distilled  from organic aromatic plants grown in herb gardens on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya, by Cinnabar Green Natural Skincare, and neem and coconut oil soaps made by Dabaso Tujengane CBO, a local community in Gede, close to Watamu. Beside soap making, this community is also involved in several projects that provide income for the group, including  farming high-yield varieties of cassava.

The same goes for the basket, produced by a local artisan, and for the soap holder made out of soapstone.

We believe that even a small hotel, as we are, can make a difference even in tiny things like a courtesy kit for guests, doing every effort to reduce the waste of plastic “stuff” in this amazing country. Enjoy your holiday!

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