The Do-Nothing Tour

21 October 2016

Have you overestimated your own strength? Changing your environment, seeing different places and people, and altering your schedule and diet is not only fulfilling, it is also quite exhausting. So, don’t forget to include a place to relax.

Holidays should be full of “otium” leisure, as classical age Romans knew well, far from the hassles, traffic, and mindfulness that are at the centre of daily life.
Because a real body-mind holiday is just taking in one’s surroundings without thinking of anything. We could really benefit from adopting our ancient fathers’ idea of “otium”, a break from action.

Take your time

Take your time

Therefore, it is with great joy that we present you with a tour we are well suited for.
The “Otium tour” (Leisure Tour).

Try out the different beds at Lonno Lodge, take your time; don’t line up for the bed, it makes no sense, there are plenty of them. Indulge yourself in a relaxing massage, read a book, order a cold beer or one of our cocktails: our personnel will be very careful to keep you from exerting any energy unnecessarily.
Hang around, I am sure you won’t get bored.

If you do not know where to start, you’re already on your right way. 🙂

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Harriet Owalla writing at a table in Lonno Lodge

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