How to find a flight to Watamu

through Mombasa or Malindi

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Well, obviously there are no direct flights to Watamu, the 2 closest airports are Malindi and Mombasa. All the international flights land directly into Mombasa or into Nairobi, and then from Nairobi you can fly down to Malindi or to Mombasa with a local flight.

We can then arrange the transfer to/from one of these two airports to the Lodge. You should plan roughly 25 min. drive from Malindi to the Lodge and 2 hours drive from Mombasa to the Lodge. is an interesting web site where, with a simple search, you can find all the airlines flying into or out from any airport. Check the connections from your country using NBO (Nairobi airport) or MBA (Mombasa airport) as your final destination.

And how do I fly from Nairobi to Malindi or Mombasa?

Well, we prepared a really handy timetable for the flights to/from Malindi, even if keeping it updated is not an easy task, check it out or directly visit the airline’s website:

If you prefer a private charter, or an aero-taxi, you can contact these companies:

or you can opt for a Helicopter Service:

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