Would you like to stay at the Lonno Lodge for free?

9 January 2017

“Free? You really mean it?”
Yes, we mean exactly that ..  free! Gratuit! Gratis! Kostenlos! Bure!

Easy peasy: book at the Lonno Lodge a holiday that includes the day of your birthday, and that day will be free. Completely free, full board included!
Stroll on the beach at low tide or relax beside the swimmingpool, get the bike for a ride or follow Aldo’s suggestions for the best snorkeling spots.
Enjoy a late breakfast and full lunch and dinner at our restaurant.

It’s your birthday. So stay at Lonno Lodge for free. And it’s also a great opportunity for your love’s birthday, for a memorable gift!

Terms and conditions are really simple:

  • minimum stay = 2 nights
  • the day of your birthday must be during your stay, including arrival or departure day (no exceptions, sorry)
  • 20% down-payment required to confirm reservation
  • if sharing a room, your partner or friend will only pay pro-quota
  • coming with someone whose birthday is in your same date? Cool, we like that, and that means free day for both of you! 🙂
  • this offer cannot be combined with other ongoing offers or promotions.

Please do not forget to mention at reservation time that your reservation also includes the day of your birthday, or get in touch with us directly:

Phone & Whatsapp: +254 726 226292
Email: info@LonnoLodge.com

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