Please, do not disturb

We're on holiday :-)

This is the typical door sign you’re probably already familiar with, so common in all the hotels around the world, but not here at The Lonno Lodge.
It is very often the only protection you have when you want to rest a little bit longer or you want some privacy, but not here at The Lonno Lodge.
That’s right, sorry to disappoint you, but this door sign is not available here at The Lonno Lodge.

And not because we do not value or disrespect your privacy, quite the contrary! Simply because you won’t need it, since we’ll not disturb you unless you give us permission to do so (did someone say “room cleaning”?).

Let’s not forget that the whole lodge is a really quiet, relaxed, private place where spending a few days with your loved one or on your own immersed in your thoughts. We have no disco, no “animation”, and the restaurant is reserved to our staying guests, you don’t risk to end up on your holiday with some big noisy party or a wedding.

“Here at The Charming Lonno Lodge Watamu we have very little to offer. Heartwarming sun, an ever-changing light, astonishing silence, refreshing breeze, breathtaking views, stunning food .. and privacy. Really .. a lot of privacy.”

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