Watamu rocks among Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award Winners!

27 January 2017

18a - LonnoLodge.com - Beach - 4288x2848 - 8Mb

18a – LonnoLodge.com – Beach – 4288×2848 – 8Mb

Tripadvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award Winners have just been published, and you know what? Watamu rocks!
Yes, that’s right, Watamu is not only one of the 25 2016 best beaches of the whole African continent, but its hospitality has been recognised by TripAdvisor travellers as one of the best in Kenya. In almost every category of the Travelers’ Choice Award you can find Watamu hotels, resorts and lodges, a clear sign that Watamu is *the* place to be if you really want to enjoy the coast of Kenya, its warm waters and long beaches.

So let’s extend our congratulations, and deeply loving thankyou, to all the wonderful hosts that made Watamu the place it is today: Hemingways Watamu, Seven Island Resort, Barracuda Inn, Garoda Resort, Twiga Beach, Crystal Bay, Medina Palms and Mawe, they all made it to the top positions of their respective category! And we’re sure that many other will reach the top Kenya positions among travelers’s preferences in the coming editions.

Hey, there’s a missing one!
It’s … The Charming Lonno Lodge Watamu, check it out on TripAdvisor 🙂


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