Is TripAdvisor wrong?

Seriously, look at this, are we really in the first place in Kenya?

tripadvisor travellers choice Kenya

Ok, that’s right, we’re a “small hotel”, we only have 8 rooms & suites, and that means that we’re never crowded. And our Restaurant is reserved to staying guests, so you don’t risk to share your well deserved holiday with a noisy party.
But .. let’s be realistic: the first Small Hotel in Kenya?

C’mon, we don’t even have a discotheque playing music to keep you up until 1 AM, nor an animator pushing you to dance in the pool, how can this first place be possible?
We don’t have curio seller’s shops on the beach, so nobody will chasing you trying to sell you their artworks, you have to decide by yourself to visit Watamu for your shopping (btw .. Watamu is really beautiful, and just a few minutes away by tuk tuk)
Not forgetting that we also have very little to offer to our guests: only “some heartwarming sun, an ever changing light, astonishing silence, refreshing breeze, breathtaking views, stunning food .. and privacy, a lot of privacy”.

And .. oh yes, the starry skies at night, because we’re not close to any strong street light. Actually, we’re not close to any highway nor major road at all (maybe this helps in avoiding traffic noises, since here you can’t hear cars nor trucks, uh?).

Is this enough to get the first place?
Is it possible that this time TripAdvisor got it wrong? What do you think?

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