“Your Tusker, Sir!” .. blurp ..

high level service

Tough is the life of a waiter at The Charming Lonno Lodge. To keep up with guests’ expectations, special skills are required 🙂

Well, actually we don’t require our waiters to be perfect divers only to serve a fresh drink to our guests. And, to be true, our guests do not expect us to blurp across the pool to serve them a fresh beer 🙂 . But we know how important the quality of the service is, not only in the cleanness of our rooms and suites or for the special meals we prepare to satisfy specific dietary requirements but also in our Pool Bar, and its staff.
It is the same quality that our guests learned to appreciate and to look for, and that is so much mentioned in their online reviews.

Laying on one of the sunbeds, or sitting into the pool, do not forget to order one of our cocktails (did I say “Dawa”?) from the Pool Bar. Allan, Hellen, Janet and John will be more than happy to assist you and to serve you one of the most refreshing drinks you can dream of.
Or just a cold beer 🙂


Allan, Hellen, Janet and John
Allan, Hellen, Janet and John

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