Plastic straws? No more.

4 April 2019

Look at these two cocktails. Do you see any difference? No? Look again. The two cocktails are identical, but the straws are not. The left straw is a plastic one, single-use straw. Give it a good look while you have the opportunity in this picture, because you’ll not see any of them at Lonno Lodge. Gone. Forever.⁣

And the straw on the right? Well, you can ignore it, for now, since you’ll see a lot of them at Lonno Lodge. Stainless steel straws, basically like forks, and knives, and spoons .. same material. Use, wash, repeat. Use, wash, repeat. That’s how it works. That’s how it should work all over the places.⁣

Btw .. a lot of single-use plastic products have already disappeared from Lonno Lodge, without even waiting for the government to make it mandatory. ⁣Plastic bottles will be next 🙂

p.s. if you think we’re simply being “naive”, please have a look at these video until the end, then go to the bar ordering a drink and pretend to have a plastic straw

The above video was not shot in Kenya, neither was the following one, but there’s no reason to believe that all this can’t happen in Kenya too. And while being in Watamu, pls visit Watamu Turtle Watch and support their work!

Btw .. beware of “compostable items”. The word “compostable” has been misused and abused way too much. Legitimate and honest manufacturer of “compostable items” always disclose that their products are compostable only in commercial facilities because composting requires warmth, oxygen, microbes and moisture – perfect conditions which are created only at industrial composting facilities and in on-site composting systems. Outside of these facilities, the composting simply doesn’t happen, and compostable items ending up at sea or at the ocean will last as long as plastic items, better stick with something more durable 😉
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