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The fishermen of Watamu

Everybody knows that Watamu is an old fishing village, but the information ends here. Are these fishermen “real”? What are their origins, how are they organized and how do they live?

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Watamu rocks among Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award Winners!

Tripadvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award Winners have just been published, and you know what? Watamu rocks! Yes, that’s right, Watamu is not only one of the 25 2016 best beaches of the whole African continent, but its hospitality has been recognised by TripAdvisor travellers as one of the best in Kenya. In almost every category of the Travelers’ […]

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checking pictures taken at low tide

Checking the pictures taken at low tide

Do you see those tiny islands in the background? You can easily reach them at low tide, simply walking, and so to discover the sealife populating this area. p.s. do not forget the camera :-).

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catch of the day

What’s this fish?

Anybody knows what’s the real name of this fish? Uhm .. no, I don’t think “Nemo” is his real name …

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Waiting For the Fishermen to Return

Waiting for the fishermen to return

Every day at 5 am the fishermen leave Watamu to fish through the day, following the tide, from April to November. And every evening the whole village is waiting for them on the beach.

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Watamu Life

Open Market

A traditional open market in Watamu, on the side of the road. Everything is set up in the morning, and then unset in the evening. Whatever they sell, colours are always part of the setting.

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kanani primary school

Kanani Primary School

A short break between lessons is always a good moment to play with friends, at Kanani Primary School, Watamu.

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Road market in Timboni, a small village really close to Watamu, a nice stop on your way to visiting the old Gede ruins.

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Emmanuel the Masai

Emmanuel the Masai

Emmanuel has been with us at the Lonno Lodge since the beginning. His red colored shuka is a familiar sight, from the main gate at the entrance when welcoming new guests to the nightly patrolling around checking that everything is in proper order. A trusted source of traditions and security.  

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watamu on the beach

Watamu, on the beach

It’s always the right moment to play football on the beach of Watamu.

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fishermen at sunset in Watamu

Fishermen return at sunset

They will be selling on Watamu beach their catch of the day.

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A very happy festive season to everybody!

And a special and warm thankyou! to wonderful Alisha Popat for giving us permission to use her stunning video on our homepage!

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