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for The Charming Lonno Lodge

Are you a journalist? A soon-to-be blogger? A wanna-be influencer? We have a mission for you! 🙂

Write a guest post for our blog and, if we select and publish it, we’ll reward your creativity with a 2 nights stay at The Charming Lonno Lodge in one of our Deluxe Rooms. Not bad at all, uh?

Your guest post will be published on our blog mentioning your name and with a link to one of your social accounts or website, and with your profile picture too (if you want). It should be an exciting, entertaining, enchanting post to tease tourists interested in discovering Watamu, the ocean coast, and the whole Kenya!

What should your post be about? Well, here is where you creativity can express itself with [almost] no limits! We’re ready to welcome posts on Watamu or the beauty of Kenya, articles on what a tourist can expect on the coast or on safari, hints on how to prepare for a trip on a dhow or how save turtles, your fantasy is the sky! Check the past guest posts.

A few examples (but please do not limit yourself to these examples) are:

  • 6 places to discover in Watamu
  • 7 reasons to visit Watamu in November
  • You know the big five. What about the small five?
  • 5 things you didn’t know about the Coast
  • What to pack for a 3 days Safari
  • How to get a permit for my drone
  • Beers of Kenya, taste a Tusker
  • The Day Anthony Bourdain visited Kenya
  • How to move around in Kenya (boda-bodas, tuk-tuks, matatus, taxis, Uber, ..)
  • etc. etc. etc.

Would you like to give it a try? Candidate yourself writing to guestpost@lonnolodge.com (terms & conditions apply)

Terms and conditions:

  1. The post you’ll propose is your and will always be yours. Period. We only require the permission to use it on our blog and on our social media accounts.
  2. Your post must be original, written for our blog, and it doesn’t have to be already published in any other form on any other media.
  3. If we select your post for publishing, you commit to never use it for any other means apart from our blog, website and our social media accounts.
  4. We will not use any of your posts, for any reason and by any means, if we do not accept to publish it on our blog, thus rewarding you for your work and welcoming you for the free weekend.
  5. Your post must have, as a bare minimum, a title, a full-screen image (min 1920×1080) of good quality and a text of at least 800 words (the more the better). Further pictures to be used as a small gallery inside the post, as well as short videoclips, are surely welcome as long as they make your post more appealing and interesting.
  6. The free 2 nights stay that we offer to the authors we select for publishing will be for max. 2 people, in a deluxe room, on a bed & breakfast basis. The date of the stay must be commonly agreed with The Charming Lonno Lodge. Festivities are excluded. No transportation costs nor other services are part of the free reward.

main photo courtesy Harriet James

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