Ruins of Gede

an history dating back to the 14th century

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Ruins of Gede

The Old Town

The ruins of Gedi are on the road which links Mombasa to Malindi, 4 to 5 miles from Watamu.


Gedi Town Door

Gedi is still an unsolved mystery: after much research and various studies, no one can say with certainty what really happened to the village and its inhabitants. Gedi is not mentioned in any Arab or Portuguese chronicles of that period.

The “lost city” of Gedi was an Arabic-Swahili settlement of more than 2500 habitants and objects that have been uncovered as a result of several excavations indicate that Gedi was founded in the 13th Century.

The site was inexplicably abandoned twice: in 1500 and in 1700, but there are no signs of battle or pestilence to assume such a double evacuation.

Gedi had a mosque, a palace, and large stone houses. These houses were complex for their time, with bathrooms with drains and overhead basins to flush toilets. The city’s streets were laid out at right angles and had drainage gutters. There are also wells which supplied water to the community. The material used to construct the buildings was made from coral reef from the nearby ocean.

According to local tradition, the ruins are protected by the spirits of its priests. These “Old Ones” supposedly curse anyone who harms the site or removes anything.

How to visit Gedi:

  • The tour takes about 2 hours.
  • Our Land Rover will take you directly to Gedi and drop you off at Lonno Lodge.
  • Gedi is an open-air museum, a guide will take you through the ruins and the forest.
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