Sabaki River

and Mambrui & Golden Beach

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Sabaki River

or Galana River

An unusual yet worthy journey, with our Land Rover, off-road to see sand dunes, birds and deserted beaches,  following  the  last  kilometer  that  the Sabaki river travels before pouring its red waters in the Indian Ocean. The beach continues on for miles with the golden sand in Mambrui before coming to a lovely restaurant on the beach.

Like in the the desert

Like in the the desert

Mambrui is a really small fisherman village just one hour drive north of Watamu, over Malindi and the Sabaki river. It faces the long sandy beach between the river and Ngomeni salt mines.

The beach itself is a wild and breath-taking view. In front of you the roaming ocean without the protection of the the coral reef, common in other part of the coast, and behind of you the high sandy dunes protecting a bunch of tiny villages from the strong indian ocean winds. And the beautiful lagoons, and the long lines of palms. And between the ocean and the dunes the beach, huge and desert.

The trip takes approx. 5 hours, including a stop at the restaurant for lunch, travelling trough the palms in one way and for several kilometers on the beach beside the ocean on the way back. It’s a gorgeous place where spending a relaxing day, in touch with the wild Kenya of the coast.

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