Stay fit, have fun

and explore the stunning coast of Kenya!

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Stay fit, have fun

Quad Coast Tour

Generously provided with natural landmarks and diversity of landscape, Kenya has rich variety of flora and fauna and abundance of natural phenomena. but often, to see the real beauty of a place you have to get away from the crowded tourist areas, and unreachable from the main roads.
The means of locomotion, easier and more fun, to reach these places are definitely the off-road Quad. Not be afraid we’re not talking about hundreds of noisy vehicles but few vehicle, of good quality throttled in case of turistic use and specially silenced, that will make you enjoy a fun off-road adventure in complete safety and with experienced guides.
The tours last about 3 hours.

Stay fit, have fun


Enjoy a bike ride on the coast with these mountain bikes
freely available to our guests.

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