Visiting Watamu

A city tour

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Visiting Watamu

Lonno Lodge

Start your tour of Watamu directly from the Lodge. We can help you to get a taxi, but surely the greatest way to enjoy this tour is to take one of the so common Tuk Tuk that will stay with you for the whole tour. Yes, we’ll assist you in calling a tuk tuk that will pick you up at the Lodge, and drive you back whenever you want.

Visiting Watamu

The Snake Farm

Bio-Ken is a research centre, which deals with reptiles, especially snakes and snake-bite. Located less than 5 minutes drive from the hotels in Watamu – Kenya, it houses the largest collection of Snakes in East Africa and is open to the public.

Visiting Watamu

The Open Air Market

Small shops made of sheet metal, bearing names that are sometimes knock-offs of famous name brands, manage to get a smile, crammed full with knickknacks made of soap stone and wood, frames and baubles that have more ethnic than commercial value. No credit cards are required, just good bargaining skills, So shopping in Watamu may require hard work.

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Visiting Watamu

Watamu Turtle Watch

They run the only Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on the East African seaboard. This is a fantastic facility and is also helping them research these incredible animals. The centre has 8 purpose built holding tanks, with 2 smaller tanks. They have acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in treating and caring for sick and injured turtles and are now able to care for up to 10 turtles at a time.

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