Our Menu

Our cuisine?
International, vegetarian, swahili, gluten-free,
kenyan, italian .. you can get them all!

Our restaurant is very small and, more important, is reserved to our guests only. This means that it will never be crowded and that every guest will get proper attention. Not only for the service, but for the menu as well!
We’re ready to take care of specific dietary needs, from allergies to vegetarians, from gluten-free meals to vegan diets, but in any case our chefs will prepare wonderful lunches and dinners with local fresh ingredients, for both local kenyan dishes and international cuisine.
And you’re not limited to a standard menu, simply because we do not have a “standard” menu. Sure, we have dishes that are part of our daily cooking simply because they’re yummy and tasty, and for sure we’ll suggest you dishes from the swahili tradition, but you’re also invited to let us know your requests, your needs or simply preferences, and we’ll do our best to satisfy your wishes.

Here is a short list, just a few examples, of what you’ll find in our menu that changes every day according to the season, produce availability and … your desire!

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