The Swimmingpool

Our pool is right at the centre of Lonno Lodge, adjacent the restaurant and with its infinity edge facing the Indian Ocean: almost 200,000 litres of water, it’s surface is amplified by the absence of corners and by the harmony of its curving lines. The pool is never crowded, even at peak turnout, and there are always plenty of comfortable lounge chairs available.

 We love devoting the utmost care to our pool so that you’ll always find the water perfect, but with great respect for the environment. In fact, the pre-filtered water coming from our desalination plant is regularly controlled and maintained to ensure minimal use of chemical products.

But, to tell the truth, all this is really just complicating things since, due to the conviviality of the sea breeze, the closeness of the bar, and the silence and tranquility that sets our structure apart, our guests tend to stick to the lounge chairs in complete and total relaxation.

Don’t worry: none of us will attempt to fix this problem ;-).

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