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Airport Shuttle

When you land in Mombasa or Malindi, maybe after an international flight or connection, the last thing you need is to spend your time messing around with different sim card’s and roaming settings. That’s way our private shuttle van is equipped with free on board WiFi, so that you can send a whatsapp or an email to let home know that you safely landed

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Swahili wall carving and Zidaka

Among the most intriguing architectural elements for those who visit the coast of Kenya for the first time, we can certainly include what might be improperly called wall carving, and decorative wall niches “zidaka”. These elements are mainly found in old Swahili houses in Lamu and more rarely in the houses of Malindi, Watamu and Kilifi. […]

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Nazir’s brass

For the western people, used to choose the desired objects on a brochure, in shops or supermarkets, it seems pretty unusual that to buy a lamp you have to select a pattern in the images of a book, make pencil sketches and then look at the craftsman who will create it. This was the case […]

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