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Dear travel agents,
your business is a top priority to us, and we want to exceed your expectations in every way. We are dedicated to timely give you up-to-date information and outstanding service.

Please note, though, that we only work with committed and registered, and officially licensed, Travel Agents. The registration process is really simple and straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes. After a brief and fast review on our side you’ll receive our Travel Agent Net Rates that will entitle you to special rates for both your residents and non-residents clients.

We understand that following all the special offers published by each and every one of the properties you follow and suggest to your clients is a really hard task, almost impossible to meet. That’s why we prepared for registered Travel Agents our Net Rates that will let you “compete” with almost all the special offers we run on our website. Basically the Net Rates you get are very often more interesting than our special offers 🙂 that, it’s worth to remember are always offered directly through our website but temporarily limited, while your Net Rates will not.

When one of your clients, or prospective clients, is looking for a wonderful and charming stay in Watamu you only have to use your Net Rates, adding whatever margin you think it’s right, and pack the selected one with the other products and services you offer, with the ease of mind that the final price will be the best one you can get. And offer to your client.

Availability check

We know how limited is your time, particularly when your customer is sitting in front of you :-), and this is why we want to emphasise that our online availability is always updated in real-time. That means that you can always run a real-time availability check using the form present on all of our web pages to verify first hand if we have or not a room or a suite for you client for a specific period. If we do, then you can contact us to confirm the booking. The Travel Agents Net Rates document also list the Terms & Conditions for your bookings and reservations.

Travel Agents Registration:

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