Fly & Stay package

“Give the ones you love wings to fly,
roots to come back and reasons to stay. “

– Dalai Lama –

Figure this …

.. you’re sitting in your office, and you just decided to take a friday off and go to the beach. Good.
Now you have to look for a good place to stay browsing through several web sites (what about the first hotel in Watamu for the TripAdvisor’s users?) and then start checking for a flight.
Umph … pretty boring, isn’t it?

Mango SorbetFishermen at Mida Creek at sunsetSilvia, Top Tower Room

Now .. the good news is that we took care of all of this. That’s right, this package includes everything you need to spend 2 nights (3 days) on the beach at The Charming Lonno Lodge Watamu.
Your flight will leave Nairobi on friday morning to bring you back on sunday afternoon, we take care of tickets and transfers. Cool, uh?

And the price is stunning too (not only the place) compared to regular rates for flights and transfers.
Do the math yourself, you won’t believe your eyes!

We also prepared something for you to print out and put on your desktop, in case someone were looking for you

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